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Oct 6, 2021

We acknowledge yesterday’s announcement around the Government intention to mandate vaccination certificates or passports to access large scale events. We are still awaiting official information from the Government on how exactly this will be facilitated in a Festival environment such as Repco Beach Hop.

We don’t make the rules but we must follow them to keep everyone safe and for the Festival to proceed. If we have to make changes to the way things done then we will do this.

We can’t give any further information until we have more detail but will keep you updated over the coming weeks. Anyone who has purchased an vehicle entry pass to Repco Beach Hop 22 BEFORE today will be able to apply for a refund or transfer to 2023 if they aren’t able to meet the new rules – when they are confirmed.

We’ve turned off comments and messaging for this post and won’t reply to emails until we have more detail.

Keep safe!

The Team
Beach Hop Central